Landakotsskóli's Anti-Bullying Team

Fríða Guðlaugsdóttir- School Counselor, Head of Anti-Bullying Team
Jenny McKeown- Head of the International Department
Casey Dokoupil - Teacher in the International Department
Ólafía María Gunnarsdóttir- Head of the Icelandic Department
Silja Snædal- Teacher in the Icelandic Department
The child's homeroom teacher

What is bullying?

According to article 3 of the legislation 1009/2015, bullying consists in repeated behaviour that generally tends to cause distress to the person who experiences it, such as belittling, insulting, hurting or threatening the person or causing them fear. Differences of opinion or differences due to different interests are not covered here. 

1. The behaviour is hurtful or humiliating to the person who is subjected to it and is intended to discriminate, threaten, exclude and cause distress to the person to whom the behaviour is directed. 

2. The person has difficulty defending themselves. 

3. The behaviour must be repeated and last for some time, [a week or more].